Fraunhofer J_LEAPT Naples



Joint Laboratory of Excellence on Advanced Production Technology

at DICMAPI Federico II in partnership with Fh-IWU Chemnitz

Director: Prof. Ing. Roberto Teti




Fraunhofer J_LEAPT at DICMAPI Naples
DICMAPI Naples, School of Engineering Federico II



The research work carried out by the Fraunhofer J_LEAPT at the Department of Chemical, Materials and Industrial Production Engineering (DICMAPI) of the University of Naples Federico II is strongly motivated by advances in innovative manufacturing technology and systems with the purpose to reduce the uncertainties in the performance of manufacturing processes (e.g. through integration of intelligent monitoring systems) and in the properties of the finished products (e.g. through enhanced quality control techniques).

At the Fraunhofer J_LEAPT, research staff regularly operate in a number of areas vital to manufacturing technology and systems. The aim is to allow for the fabrication of micro and macro components, parts and products characterized by high performance, high quality and cost effectiveness.


The Fraunhofer J_LEAPT research topics listed below are all fundamental to advanced micro/macro manufacturing technology and systems.

  • - Micro and macro manufacturing processes
  • - Machine tools and robotics
  • - Production systems management and optimisation
  • - Modelling and simulation in production engineering
  • - Sensors and signal analysis for intelligent monitoring systems
  • - Nondestructive testing, inspection and evaluation
  • - CMM based 3D metrology and reverse engineering
  • - Cognitive paradigms for manufacturing technology and systems